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Notorial actions

Notorial actions with the translations of the documents

Translations of which documents can be notarized?

In compliance with fundamental principles of legislation of the Russian Federation in relation to the notariat, a notary certifies the true signature of the translator of the document. Executing the stated above action a notary verifies the congruence of the documents with the norms of current legislation. Thus, in order to have the translation of the document notarized it is necessary for this document to meet some requirements provided by legislation.

First of all, Russian documents shall be duly executed in compliance with current legislation of the Russian Federation. For instance, if some document consists of two or more separate lists, it shall be tied (laced), the lists shall be numbered, and the number of lists shall be certified by the seal and signature of the officer, who issued this document or any other due officer. Official document subject to translation shall bear all the necessary seals and signatures of the officers with the capitalization of the offices and names of the undersigned.

Further, the presented documents for notarization of their translation shall be legalized or stamped with Apostil.

Also, in case a foreign document has been translated into Russian and certified outside the territory of the Russian Federation and this document with its translation have been legalized – it is necessary to translate seals, stamps, endorsements of certification.

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