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Moscow, Novy Arbat, 25, office 4

About the enterprise

Do you need to have something translated into Russian and foreign documents notarized? Or do you wish to have the documents prepared for their submission to the authorities of the foreign state? Have no doubts and hesitation to use the services of our company! Our translation agency renders services since 1999.

Translation agency “Arbat Buro” will execute fast and professional translation from any foreign language into Russian and vice versa of any documents of legal and financial nature, including agreements, letters of authority, founding documents and financial statements, court and arbitration decisions, certificates, diplomas, references and other documents, technical texts and others.

We guarantee high quality and ensure professional translation as it is performed by qualified translators.

The office is situated in Novy Arbat street, 10 minutes walk from subway station “Smolenskaya”.

Working hours ate designed for the convenience of our customers: 

Location: Moscow, Novy Arbat, 25, office 4

Weekdays 10-00 – 18-00

Dinner hours с 13:30 – 14:00

E-mail: arbat25@list.ru

+7(495) 605-29-54
+7(495) 995-02-60
+7(495) 995-02-62

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