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Sequential and simultaneous interpretation

Translation Agency provides with:

  • Interpreters for sequential interpretation of the business meetings, congresses, symposiums, presentations and press-conferences
  • Temporary personnel with knowledge of foreign languages
  • Simultaneous interpreters for the conferences, symposiums, seminars and other international event

A professional interpreter with excellent knowledge of a language is one of the key persons during international negotiations, seminars and press-conferences. A pro interpreter straddles an unimpeachable sense of style, command of language and presentable personal appearance.

He is not just an erudite who knows perfectly well foreign languages but he is a human being who possesses some skills of psychologist. He is able to dish up the interpretation in the way that any potential business partner may duly appreciate the offer’s profitability. Sometimes the progress of negotiations depends on such, one should seem negligible factors, as the emphasis on single words, voice intonations and utterance. It stands to reason that a variety of linguistic companies are specialized just as interpreting bureaus.

The Arbat Bureau Company renders services related to interpretation. Our company comes up to the recruitment of experts for interpretation in a scrutinous way. The Arbat Bureau’s interpreters are the high-class experts with a great experience.

The translation of negotiations at any level, services provided by the guide-interpreters with an excellent knowledge in sightseeing attraction, personnel for occasional work with foreign language skills, synchronous interpretation – here we have the spectrum of services offered by our company in the area of interpretation.

The “aerial acrobatics” for an interpreter is the oral synchronous interpretation. Such variety of translation is considered to be the most complex and labour-intensive. The person whose speech is being interpreted need not to be stopped; professional interpreter perceives his words instantaneously and provides an accurate translation.

An interpreter uses special-purpose equipment in his work. Specially trained persons are employed by the Arbat Bureau Company. Nevertheless, the rendering of “Interpretation Moscow” services, in particular, in the area of synchronous interpretation, requires a protuberant nervous alertness and mental efforts. For this reason we can not qualify these services as cheap or inexpensive.

Our Company renders services related to consecutive interpretation (after the speechmaker yields the floor). Such variety of interpretation has unique features and complications: the interpreter needs to have in memory large information blocks during a period of some length.

Our Company employs the interpreters in the area of a wide variety of languages (CIS countries, Oriental and European languages). In order to use our services you may just call us by contact number and to make the relevant order. We are always ready to come to your help!

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