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  • of technical, legal, economic, financial, business, private documentation, fiction and scientific literature
  • editing of the translation, presented by the customer
  • authenticity expertise in relation to the documents

Certification of translated documents:

  • notarization of translations
  • legalization
  • apostilleь
  • certification with the seal of the Translation Agency

Receipt and transfer of documents:

  • by the means of fax
  • e-mail
  • international mail
  • delivery by the courier within Moscow

Among all the services related to translation of texts the written translation is one of the most common and popular. The Arbat Bureau Company performs translation of texts of the most variant orientability. Here we are talking about a wide variety of regulatory (not only!) documents, brochures, instructions, presentations, art works.
The construction of translation depends upon the style the original document is made. For example, the written translation of documents with technical content shall, to the most extent, conform to the terminology of the original, and the translation of poetical composition, vice versa, does not require such stringent conformity.

Two main criteria shall be applied for assessment of the translation.

  • Accuracy of translation, matching of original and translation texts.
  • Naturality. When building up – the written translation into Russian or into any other language shall, without any doubt, comply with all grammatical rules and norms.

What situations may require the performance of a written translation?

  • In the conclusion of contracts with foreign companies.
  • If the instruction manual accompanied the supplied equipment is made in a foreign language.
  • Where it is necessary to have one and the same text translated in several languages.
  • In the course of business correspondence with foreign companies.
  • In the event if it is necessary to have a literary text translated from one language into the other.

And this is much more than the exhaustive list of events when the necessity of a written translation is evident.

Why it is advantageous to you to apply to Arbat Bureau?

  • Our company is able to perform translation of any texts. The company’s employees who, along with foreign languages qualifications, a wealth of experience in the translation area, are the experts in one or another sphere. Each translator employed by the Arbat Bureau is in good possession of grammar and a sense of style.
  • A great number of languages. Arbat Bureau is not only the customary written translation of any English text, but the translations from a wide variety of world’s languages (languages of all CIS countries, European and Oriental languages.
  • We offer to our clients the services related to instant written translation. In these circumstances, the text is being translated in the shortest time possible and this does not impact on quality.
  • Reasonable prices for written translation.
  • Guarantee of quality. This not only faultless performance of translation but an exact observance of the deadline. The proofreader and the editor perform a strict control in respect of each text. The strict internal control provides with an option to guard against errors in the course of translation

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