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Translation of websites

Translation Agency executes translation of web sites with the preservation of the initial formatting, navigation methods, with the working hyperlinks.

Editing of graphics is also available (when necessary).

The cost of the stated above services is determined for every particular case. At your request we can execute preliminary calculation of the services to be granted.

For the purposes of successful operation the company requires its own website. Depending on the business scales, this may be a small business card or luxurious corporate resource. At the present time the websites play a considerable role not only for promotion of the company in the domestic market but on a world-wide scale.

The Arbat Bureau company does have considerable experience in translation of websites into wide variety of languages.

The translation of a website in the Arbat Bureau is, in point of fact, the activity dedicated to development of the resource, which, as a twin, looks like original.

To translate a website means performing of translation not only of textual information contained in the resource, but performance of translation of the entire interface, the information of official character. All and sundry information shall be subject to translation through to animation and captions.

In order to prevent a website from actual continuity loss, to make it useful for visitors and “tasty” for search systems, the translation of a website includes a continuous linguistic and informational support of the resource (translation of articles, news items, and other means of website content update).

  • The translation of a website at any development stage (here we may speak about the resources already posted in the Internet or being just developed).
  • The continuous updating of websites with qualitative translational content.
  • Translation of individual web pages of the resource.
  • Translation “on a turnkey basis” that contains, in addition to the available content, the translation of the interface, keywords, headings and descriptions to texts.
  • Activities dedicated to optimization of resources for web search engines.

The translation of a page of the website enjoys a considerable popularity. The hosts of web logs order the search (and the translation respectively) of information for web log on foreign websites. The client is only required to provide with the links to a website, and new, exciting and absolutely unique articles will appear in the web log within a very short time.

Why do you choose this particular Arbat Bureau?

  • Our company’s peculiarity, which sets it apart from any other firms which render the services “Translation of websites Moscow”: Reasonable prices with an excellent quality of works and all kinds of services.
  • A great number of languages for translation. Our translators are proficient in CIS countries languages, Oriental and European languages.
  • An opportunity related to accurate and quality translation of information being of special nature. Our company employs the experts from a wide variety of branches.
  • Guarantee of performance quality supported by the relevant contract. The most stringent control is being performed in relation to all texts

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